About this Website

This project started a long time ago (in 2006 to be precise).

I registered the domain to show a Computing class how quickly and easily you could set up a website. By the end of a one hour lesson, we had the first version of the Computer Programming Class site up and viewable around the world.

Since then, the site has re-invented itself a few times. It has also been part of a make-over project for my Key Stage 3 ICT students, introduced a number of languages to teachers through a series of short articles...

But, since 2012, we have focused on Scratch, the free multimedia programming language developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten Unit at MIT's Media Lab. I've used Scratch in my classroom since 2007 and seen it develop into a powerful tool to teach essential computational thinking skills.

This site showcases some of the things we have presented and developed from our experience in co-ordinating the Scratch Day events in the Czech Republic since 2011. Hopefully you will find some of the resources of use.