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Get Ready for Scratch Day 2014!

In May 2014 we will be demonstrating Scratch as a Digital Story-Telling tool. Teachers from across Europe will be welcome to see what our students put on for our younger children at Riverside School.

Scratch In Control

On November 30, 2013; we will be re-running our Scratch and Robotics event with even more surprises! It's a whole day of presentations, hands-on experience and fun competitions for teachers. We will be looking at how you can use Scratch to impact the outside world!

What If... Phase 2

In 2012, the Grade 7 students at Riverside School, Prague achieved a Platinum Award for their web project, What If...? in Global SchoolNet's International Schools' CyberFair. The site includes a gallery of simple Scratch games designed to raise awareness about a range of environmental issues.

In 2014 we plan to build on this with our most ambitious project to date...